Saturday, August 28, 2010


Under your desk, your faithful work companion: elegant and simple, easy to assemble and carry away. It is made of a broomstick cut in 4 parts a disposable plastic fruit box and a marble slate. Thanks to marble weight, the box turns into a strong resistant stool or low table. But it can also be more than that, if you turn it upside down and adjust the legs on the bottom you'll have a container for your bedside necessities (charger, ebook, lamp, radio, alarm clock and magazines)or a bathroom magazine rack which won't let things fall on the floor. But you can feel free to use it as a doll bed or a add a pillow and use it as a low chair. When dusty, it is easy to clean and fits in the dishwasher. Ah. You can also use it as a fruit crate...

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